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Companies are rethinking traditional jobs through a digital lens and inventing new jobs that will be important in the future. To measure these new jobs, the Cognizant Jobs of the Future Index has compiled a list of the jobs with the greatest growth potential for the next five years. 

Burning Glass, a provider of workforce analytics, provides up-to-date and historical data on job openings. Burning Glass adjusts the occupations included in its data set based on changes in the market and job advertisements. The ESI’s senior economists, ThoughtLab, constructed the analytical framework for the index, and our economists monitored and updated the data, adding real-time job lists to our data sets. The index was developed in collaboration with the Cognizant Research Institute and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Candidates must complete all of the above to get a job on Cognizant’s Off-Campus 2021 Drive and advance to the role of freshman, a position with an annual salary of $30,000 to $40,500. Candidates should take an online test (e.g. not open) and then apply for job interviews to make a written assessment and shortlist your profile. We can also recruit those who pass the 2021-2021, 2019-2018 or 2019-2018 qualification stages to be in a freshman role. 

Cognizant recommends that you do not respond to spam emails you do not trust, and never give out personal or financial details to someone you do not know. If you meet someone who claims to offer you a job at Cognizants, please never entertain them. 

In India Job, we have written a good number of wise tips for you to perfect your interview flawlessly. Click here for a list of Cognizant for India Jobs’ best job application tips in India, click here. 

If you can’t find the job you’re looking for quickly, you can apply for a job of your choice and submit your resume and save it for later. In my experience, this is the best way to apply for a specific job on Cognizant’s job portal without having to wait until you get a shortlist and then look again. You can easily get one of the three jobs and prepare for the interview and get it easily without getting confused about where to look. 

Experienced freshmen and students who wish to do an internship can go to the job pages available on the Cognizant website. Applicants can find a complete role description in the full list of positions available on the job portal and on their jobs page.

Candidates who are concerned about how to apply for Cognizant Off-Campus 2021 can read the steps below. To determine whether you are receiving an official call from CognIZant, make sure you take the call and participate in the out-of-university call center; the call center representative will handle this for you. Based on the information about the candidate, we will provide you with the necessary documents for CTS Off Campus Drive 2021 as well as the documents required for the application in the above section.

You are informed that we will not be held responsible for any such payment by you, nor will we be informed of the terms and conditions of your employment with Cognizant Off – Campus Drive 2021 or any of its subsidiaries. 

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ESI and ThoughtLab provide data analysis to support Cognizant’s thought leadership efforts and maintain index quality control. ESI and thoughtLab are modifying the indices as instructed by CognIZant, conducting quality control of the indices and providing data analysis, which supports our efforts to be a leader. 

The data used in the index is influenced by burn-in – to access job vacancies and to search online job vacancies for duplication. There is a common portal where experienced candidates and freshmen can search for vacancies at Cognizant. “Drive 2021” is about getting candidates into jobs within the IT industry. Rest assured that the details of CognIZant Off-Campus 2021 will be helpful to applicants looking for a job. 

Burn-in – Glass uses an extensive de-duplication algorithm to ensure that each job opening is counted only once. The CJoF Index Score is the number of vacancies on the Cognizant Off-Campus 2021, divided by the total number of vacancies in the Cognizant IT industry for 2017. These sums are then indexed to create a total score for each profession in the IT sector, and the profession represented in this index is the use of a digital filter.