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8 way to make money from Facebook Page.

There are people out there who grow Facebook pages for the purpose they have. I’ve seen dozens that center around a concept and grow into something bigger.

If you have a Facebook page with some level of follow-up, with or without an attachment, there are lots of ways to make money. It is easier to start a Facebook page and build a profitable site than to open a site and try to build a Facebook following.

Here are our tips for generating profits from your Facebook page:
1. Optimize your site for mobile devices

Over 50% of the traffic that surfs Facebook every day is mobile traffic, which is why it is so important that if your Facebook links to an external site that is mobile optimized. If you can leverage a mobile audience, you will find quite a bit of success.

One of the best ways to ensure that your Facebook traffic stays on your site is to be responsive. This means that no matter what device your website uses gives you the best user experience.

2. Sell digital content directly

The first option to monetize your Facebook page is by far the easiest. The simplest example of this is quite easy to describe. Promoting an ebook on your Facebook page is a great way to keep your audience involved and connect your various websites.

If you have a lot of content to distribute, Facebook is becoming a great platform to sell their wares. E-books are easy because Amazon and Burns and Noble both have distribution platforms that you can take advantage of, and the best part is that Facebook integrates very easily with most external platforms.

Big Brands: Learn how little skincare activation has used multi-channel campaigns to dramatically increase visibility and launch new followers.

3. Send traffic to affiliate marketing sites

This is another option that you can use to make money through Facebook advertising, but you will need to be part of an affiliate network. If you make an impact, joining a branch network should not be a problem. Being able to reach a lot of people is very helpful and many brands will notice. Once you are part of a branch network, a post posting link is enough to get credit for your contribution. It is very easy to install and use, many systems have built-in tracking available. Many brands have affiliate networks that they use to manage their partners and track the sales or traffic you can drive.

4 Selling products through an app store on Facebook

Facebook apps have fallen slightly in recent years. They have been moved more and more slowly along the sidebar and there is no more room for them as there once was.

That does not mean you can not use them yet. Simply set up one of the many Facebook commerce apps. Choose one and use it.

5. Sell products through a website

The same concept can be applied as detailed above in defining your facade. You have two options for this; You can set up a hosted solution, or you can use an eCommerce system. The latter is more expensive but much more customizable and better for long-term SEO.

Promote products and link your audience to the product page, this type. Paid ads will help a lot here, as there is no free space to promote organic posts.

6 Promote products with exclusive promotions on Facebook

If you sell products you can do more than just advertise “Hey, have you seen product X? It’s cool that you should buy it.” You can incentivize traffic and conversions. Simply turn on suggestions. The organic way to run bids is to simply create the bid for a limited time on your site and promote it on Facebook. The alternative method is to use the Facebook ad system to run bids. One will work, or you can use both if you like.

7. Selling products through a third-party service

You can design and sell products without having to do any of the product manufacturing, shipping, inventory, maintenance, or any other topic. If you are creative, one example is to start putting your art on different products and selling them. Many websites allow you to easily create and sell print shirts, phone bags, or socks. It’s pretty simple and it’s a track that a lot of mediocre Facebook pages do.

8. Promote a local event in the presence of your vendor

If your Facebook page is focused around a geographic location, this will be a great opportunity for you to engage and get brands and outside businesses to get involved with your brand. You can make a profit in a few different ways. One is to establish your provider at the local event you are promoting so that you promote the event by promoting the event. Get more people to attend the event, and more people will find you there, resulting in more sales.

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