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How Long Does It Take To Make Money From Blogging.

How Long Does It Take to Create Money Blogging?

Having the right expectations can help you succeed with blogging.

In case you’ve got the wrong expectations then you will give up minutes before you start earning money with your website.

I remember coaching someone at Rich Affiliate, who’d created a great fitness site, with awesome content, but he just was not making any money using it whatsoever.

I help coach all of my referrals.

I must admit should have been earning money by this stage, however for whatever reason, he wasn’t making any money.

I told him to keep producing content for his blog and he should start seeing some sales very soon.

I had been convinced that I offered to purchase his website him off if he chose to sell it later on.

Eventually, he chose to pursue other endeavors.

I felt disappointed for him because I knew how long and effort he had put to his website.

I could see the possibility in his blog, but he simply couldn’t wait anymore I guess.

So I purchased off the blog him.

A month after I purchased the blog, the first sale came in.

Turns out the keyword phrases he picked for a number of his posts were harder to position, so, took a bit longer to rank at the search engines, but when they eventually did rank, they earned visitors and consequently sales.

The keyword phrases you decided to blog about, the quality of your posts, how many articles your site has, and how many articles you post per week.

The ranking process takes time too.

Some people might say, that’s too long a time to wait, but when it contributes to freedom, how long are you willing to wait.

Having said that, if you only have one blog article in 6 months then it’s unlikely you will earn money.

Conversely, in case you’ve submitted 90 simple to rank keyword phrase posts, in that period you’ll be in a better position to make money.

Blogging Is Easy, But Not Easy
Blogging is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to make money online because it’s such a very simple business model to execute.

But, SIMPLE is NOT frequently easy.

Let me clarify.

Are You Tried to Shed Weight?

The idea is comparatively simple.

Only eat more calories than you want, move more, and you’ll lose weight with time.

Simple? Yes… but not so simple to implement, otherwise we’d all be skinny.

Sometimes, we get sidetracked with dieting plans such as low carb diets, or even higher protein diets, plant-based diets, excluding particular foods like berries, mushrooms, and beans and the list continues on and on.

However, whatever diet program you chose, the common thread with them all is to eat fewer calories than you need and move more.

You can be on a low-carb diet, but if you’re eating too many calories then you’ll still put on weight.

Some eating strategies might be just what your body needs and you’ll find slimming down so much simpler and faster than using other plans.

And when this strategy was something that you might do constantly then you will reach your optimal weight very quickly.

And the same could be said about making money blogging.

The idea is quite straightforward, but not simple to implement, especially if you embrace the wrong content marketing plan.

Like losing weight, there are just so many different ways to approach blogging.

That is why you may see people who have been blogging for a long time just making a small amount of money, while others who began six months ago earning over $1000 a month.

Some articles marketing strategies work faster than others.

Content Is King

“Content is King” is a term that’s been thrown about by many marketers through time, and to be honest it is kinda old and boring. Nevertheless, it is still relevant now as it’s ever been.

The term has been used so many times, that has almost become a brand in itself, and has lost its meaning.

Some experts tell you to blog about anything and everything to bring traffic to your site, but in case you already have a site and have adopted this strategy you may know it will not work very well.

Content is King with the ideal content marketing approach.

You need to approach the development of your blog from a holistic perspective of very, which usually means you’ve got to know who your target market/niche is, what keywords they enter into the search engines and how to have your site to pop up from the search engine ranks so that they see your blog.

All these components work together to constitute your article’s management.

And just like the”weight lose” analogy I used earlier, creating content is simple, but often not easy to implement.

Adopting Plans That Work
So what strategy works best?

The best strategy that I found operates the work, either in the brief term and long duration is an authority blog.

Though I show you how I can make money in as little as 8 days using a different strategy, in my opinion, it is best to embrace a powerful blogging strategy because search engines love them and they have a tendency to rank for a lot of keyword phrases over time along with your blog ages.

Also, they tend to weather algorithm changes as well.

When writing this post, this site was less than six months old… it’s a simple layout… a few pictures sprinkled around in each post… and over six months it had been creating a fantastic part-time income.

The significance being that other blogs are well established in the search engines which are still not earning a part-time income.

So whether your goal is to make $100 a month or even $20,000 per month it can all be achieved using sites coupled with the appropriate strategy.

Just how much money you make and how long you create it, is your decision, and how much effort you are willing to invest in.

Learn how to start your blog and earn money here.

Here are two approaches that you can use to begin earning money with your blog.

Strategy 1: Authority Blogs
Authority blogs are designed to focus all of their content on a niche subject.

In ways, you become the go-to-guy or girl for your particular niche.

Identifying your market can prove to become one of the largest hurdles to overcome, but as soon as you’ve everything else falls into place.

If you want to build an authority website then you’ll have to make blog posts constantly.

By consistent I mean daily, however, the truth is, even if you work a full-time occupation, then creating a blog post at the end of the afternoon is probably the last thing that you need to do.

Therefore the following best thing is to create a blog post one or two times a week.

Just keep in mind that the more content you create, the more traffic you potentially get from the search engines. The more traffic you get, the higher the chances are of you making money.

Blogging consistently, trains the Google bot to return to a site more frequently, than if you’re posting sporadically.

So the more information you post, the quicker the bot will spider your articles, and the quicker you will get indexed and ranked in Google.

In the past, I’ve had posts on the first page of Google in 5 minutes after I created it because I submitted it daily.

So something to keep in mind.

Keyword Research

Focus your first 30 posts on creating buyer keyword visitors to your site.

Buyer keywords differ from other search phrases, primarily because when a searcher types those terms into Google, they are generally ready to generate a purchasing decision, as opposed to being in search mode and searching to find out more.

You are more inclined to generate a sale when a man is in the conclusion of their research phrase and is just searching for that one final piece of reassurance to understand that they’re making the right decision.

And this is where a lot of people who start a site get it wrong and wonder why they aren’t earning money — they concentrate on ranking for the wrong keywords.

I love to call this content’pillar content’ since they act as the foundation of your cash machine.

To find buyer keywords you’ll require a keyword research tool such as the one that I use here, that will identify which buyer keyword terms would be the easiest to rank for in Google.

As soon as you identify them you simply write content that satisfies the searcher’s intent, which I show you how you can do here.

Some say, all traffic is good, but I’d rather make sales with 100 visitors per month, compared to make no sales but get 1000 visitors a month. So optimizing your content for the ideal customer is critical.

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